Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh’s Instagram account got featured into Buzzfeed as top account you need to follow. He is just 19 year old self taught baker and can put several baking professionals to shame. He belongs to Delhi and started baking when he was in class 11th.

Shivesh’s Life

Shivesh loves baking and almost spends hours looking through dessert recipes and then tries them out himself. Once in a different CwC session “Chef Saby” told me only way to learn about food is to eat and see it. I now see his words followed by others as well. Shivesh does food photography and styling by himself. Certainly this boy has a taste. It’s hard to believe he’s not a professionally trained chef. His desserts look like they are straight out from MasterChef. “For me, baking is like meditation”.

Here is a small chat with Shivesh regarding his food journey:

1. Shivesh tell us something about your life? ?

I am Delhite and currently pursuing my graduation in Political Science from Hindu College, DU. As a Delhite I was too much occupied with thoughts of food. To be very honest, I was too lazy to start my blog. However, I had been sharing pictures of my desserts on Instagram for a really long time. A lot of people use to ask me recipes of the pictures I shared and I use to individually mail them the recipe. This was time consuming and benefit was reaching a few people. So after repeated enquiries of recipes and being persuaded by a lot of people, I finally started my blog Bake With Shivesh (Link : in December last year.

2. How did you get interested in food?

My nani was an avid baker. She used to make the best chocolate cakes! I have grown up finishing big chocolate cakes that she used to make. She suffered from a paralytic attack in 2011 and could not move after that. One day, my cousins and I decided to bake something because we missed fighting over her lovely cakes. We got a box of Betty Crocker cake mix and made cupcakes. We burnt a couple of them and covered the rest under layers of Betty Crocker frosting. I was in class 11th then. After that, I never stopped baking and it has been three years now!

3.Did any of your family members inspire you most towards cooking?

Yes, my grand mother.

4. Recently your Instagram account has been declared as among the best foodie accounts, what was your first reaction to it?

It feels great when people like your work. I felt very encouraged and excited. Getting acknowledged and appreciated always feels great!

5. According to you what is so special about your recipes?

My approach to desserts is very simple. I believe in using basic techniques and tools to create extraordinary desserts. What is unique about my recipes is that they are super easy and anyone can use them to create the most wonderful desserts in their home kitchens.

6. How do you manage your blog, I mean with studies it’s tough to devote so much time for blogging?

As I told you earlier it was getting tough for me to mail the recipes individually, so I started blogging in December 2014. I was overwhelmed with the kind of support that I received. Today I can just thank all those lovely people on Instagram who literally forced me into starting my blog. I do not have a team. I do every thing from the baking to the styling to the photography to the social media part (on both Instagram and blog) all by myself. Fortunately my college isn’t very tiring so I get enough time to spend on what I love to do, be it baking or blogging or meeting friends. But I have always given priority to academics. Baking takes a back seat when I have exams and I end up not baking for months altogether in those days. But having said, if I feel I have time, I do step into the kitchen even during my exam days to whip up simple cakes. Meeting blog post deadlines and commitments can be a little tiring but I never get stressed out simply because it is something I enjoy doing.

7. What is your favorite dish/cuisine while cooking/ eating?

Pizza, all the way, everyday!

8. What are your favourite places to eat out in Delhi ?

I absolutely love Bigg Chill. Whenever I have to meet my friends, we meet at bigg chill and our menu is fixed vanilla oreo shake, roast chicken pizza and all fungi pasta. Their food is always on point! I love chicken momos at Dilli Hatt and Yeti an the butter chicken biriyani at Social Offline It is also great to see a lot of places with new concepts coming up, like Indian accent with its fusion food and Soda Bottle Opener wala with its Parsi food.For desserts, Elma’s and Bigg Chill are my favourites.

9. What is your philosophy on food and dining?

Eat every meal like it is your last .Lol.

10. Are you involved in some food charity? Do you wish to extend a hand if not?

Currently I am not but that is definitely something I’d love to do.

11. Any advice of life you want to share with our viewers?

I just feel that it is very important to do what you like doing and then give your 100%.

“If you invest your love in what you are baking, nothing can go wrong.”
~ Shivesh

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