Hetal Vasavada

Hetal is MasterChef US Season 6 contestant.

She is a vegetarian and of Indian origin.

Hetal always take out time to eat out at local joints to know the place better.

Hetal’s Life

Hetal’s parents immigrated from Gujarat in the 1980s. During that time a lot of gujratis were moving to US in search of better career opportunities. However with them , they brought the ideals of farm fresh food to US from India. Hetal was born in US but imbided traditions of Inida. Hetal was raised in vegetarian household where they grew their own vegetables and processed food was rarely let into the house. Hetal realized she was passionate about cooking after making meals for classmates in college to pay for school. She believes nothing is better than seeing someone smiling because of something you cooked for the person.

Here is a small chat with Hetal regarding her food journey:

1. Where are you born and brought up basically ?

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I grew up with a lot of family members who lived nearby.

2. What/ who inspired you to take part in MasterChef?

My husband really pushed me to try out. He noticed my obsession with food and how unhappy I was working as a healthcare consultant. He pushed me to fol-low my passion and I couldn’t be more grateful!

3.What was the first time you remember you cooked something?

I remember standing between my mom’s legs when I was 3 while she would make roti. She would get so annoyed with me, so instead she’d hand me some dough, a mini rolling pin and a plate and tell me to roll my own “mini” roti. I’d roll them in all sorts of crazy shapes and eat my own roti for dinner. I remember being so proud as a kid and trying to force feed my dad my mini roti.

4. How would you portray your life journey with food?

Love and family definitely define my food journey. My passion for food developed from the love my mother showed when she’d cook for anyone and my father who took pride in his garden and providing healthy food for his family.

5. There must have been some moment of miracle in your life. What was that?

The beef wellington in episode 9 was a miracle! haha I was so nerv-ous cooking meat and honestly did not know if I cooked it correctly. So happy to come out on top and still stick to my beliefs of vegetarianism.

6. What’s your favorite cuisine in eating as well as cooking?

Other than Indian food, I love sweets! Baking is definitely my forte.?

7. Is your cooking style inspired by Indian food? Please elaborate on the Indian food that makes the greatest impression on you?

Definitely! I like to use techniques from Indian cooking and apply it to other cuisines to create delicious fusion dishes. I love Gujarati food. It’ is so comforting and warm. Food like patra, muthia, dhokla, and thepla were my favorite as a kid. Also street food in India is absolutely mind blow-ing to me. The food is so flavorful and I try to bring that into all my dishes.

8. What ingredient do you feel is under appreciated?

In America, I would say cardamom. It’s my favorite spice to cook and bake with. Its so fragrant and can be used in savory and sweet cooking. There are so many uses for it and I hope to bring it to America’s attention while I’m on the show!

9. Are you involved in some food charity? Do you wish to extend a hand if not?

I’m no currently involved with any food charity, but I would love to join one! I’ve always en-joyed volunteering and even received a humanitarian scholarship to college due to my volunteer work. Food is so close to my heart, it would be great to help a food charity

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