Chef Saby

He is youngest chef to won reputed Best Chef of India award from President of India in 2012.

He is one of the most loving father and con-siders her daughter to be the miracle of his life.

He is doing research to bring the herbs of North East to world.

He contributes to Food Corporation of Delhi as board member.

He wants to contribute for food security in world and is working towards this after retiring at age of 40 years.

Saby’s Life

Saby belong to a small town Asansol , West Bengal and was in love with Hotel Industry when he saw it first at Le Meridian, Delhi . He decided he will be here and then never looked back. He achieved one milestone after other in his life and is an extremely lively person.His father studied human habitation and he himself is a good cook. In fact Saby’s father has written the book “100 years of coal mining history in India” in Bengali and is on verge of ending other book.Her mother is an artist and loves creativity. He inherited creativity from her mother and attention to details from his father. Sabyasachi Gorai, Chef Saby is featured on Khana Khazana and on other famous show, The Urban Cook. He received Best Chef of India award from none other than the President of India in 2011-12. He has also won the title of Best Chef in India by Varli Awards in US. Saby is a phenomenal chef, he loves chatting with people,travelling a lot and is very detail oriented

Lets look at a simple chat with this amazing chef :

1. How did you decided to take cooking as a profession ?

I wanted to enroll for a five-year-course at Art course in Calcutta University to be an artist. But I realized that only one out of scores of artists are really successful. And I didn’t have money to pay for such a long course and was not willing to take such a major risk. At that time I went to Delhi with my Uncle and stayed in Le Meridian. That hotel was heaven for me. I just wanted to be there maybe just standing in the lobby and be smartly dressed. So when I came back to Calcutta I decided to join Hotel Management. I came to know about hotel management while studying it only. It was an experimental study and I enjoyed it. I started seeing food as mode of my expression just as a canvas painter. I also realized that the work of a cook needed the skill of an artist it was indeed an artwork on a plate. This attracted me enormously and I started practicing the art of cooking.

2. What was the first time you remember you cooked something?

Around 20 years back when I was 22-23. Saby said when he joined hotel management course, on first day of college he asked for a stool in kitchen and was bashed by his faculty. Thus he started his journey of food.

3. Did your local culinary community help you learn more?

Yeah of course, I love the fried food of Kolkata. In fact I recently got a recipe of Rezala from my father which was written 35-40 years back with details. I try to reinvent my local taste.

4. What’s your favorite pastime?

I like to explore new culture and extract the secrets of food from it. In his recent endeavor towards same he met Armenian Community. He said initially the people were little shy but he feels food connects all. And after some time of a discussion he discovered some authentic recipes from Armenians. I must say he is good at listening at the same time explaining his facts.

“Life is in moments and not in milestones.”
~ Chef Saby

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